Waste treatment 

  1. Shredders

Type TR

    • Throttle dimensions from 420 x 425 mm upto 2000 x 1600 mm
    • Power : 25 to 200 kW



  1. Granulators

       Different cutting versions accordingly to the product.

       Throttle dimensions from 300 x 230 mm upto 1200 x 500 mm

       Capacities from 100 upto 1500 kg/h depending on product density

WS 720

WS 6550


  1. Scrap Baling Presses

Type SCP

       Manual or automatic control

       With combustion or electrical engine

       Pressure : 20 upto 500 T


  1. Horizontal full automatic baling presses especially for the flax, dust, sugar cane, etcetera...

Type KPEG-1  

Type KPEG-2  

Type KPEG-3


  1. Briquetting presses

Type STP-1

Type STP-2  

       Baling in bags

       Bags are manually or autosealed in option


  1. Woodshaving presses

Type HK30


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